Saturday, December 8, 2007


Just came across an interesting site out of Australia called It's dedicated to discussions of . . . those things we all learned from our mothers are not discussed in polite company . . . sex . . . religion . . . politics. According to their masthead, they have been "provoking the herd since 2002," and warn, "Your sacred cow is in mortal danger."

Amazing what serendipitous stuff one encounters via a Google search. Anyway, here's a tidbit about the travails of a schoolteacher in Sudan who allowed her students to name a teddy bear "Mohammed." Seems she was supposed to be publicly flogged and jailed for a year but they are letting her off with 15 days and deportation.

Its all about the morals being taught to the children, you understand. As a Sudanese local said, "She is a teacher and should be teaching her pupils to be respectful and have morals but instead she is doing the opposite."

Brings to mind Ron Hodges, Rep. Stanley Torres, and the members of the House of Representatives who supported the resolution. See! This is actually important. It is imperative keep our standards up to those of the Sudan!

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