Friday, October 19, 2007

First Post

I'm creating this blog as a place to collect interesting things as I surf the web from Saipan -- hence the name Sai-Treking Web Adventure (the simple blog address "webadventure" not being available).

This first now is a YouTube video of Van Morrison. Today I surfed through a site that had this as its "song of the day," so I googled it up and selected this video from the results. I was introduced to Van Morrison's music by a young lady more than 30 years ago during my college years. I still have a very fine album -- on vinyl -- but unfortunately no turntable to play it on. Over the years, I have not followed his music, but I am delighted now to see that he is one of these enduring performers. Like me, he has aged, but he is still at it -- plugging away, living life for love and doing what he does best. Or as Walt Goodridge would say, following his passion.

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