Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's the Great CNMI De-Lurk, Jan. 14-18, 2008. I didn't make a banner, but I cribbed one from Majic. Here it is ...

Here's a smaller copy.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Fotten Gaga

Okay, Angelo, I'll do it. I'll post one of your pictures of the Fotten Gaga models and link it to everything in your blog with a fotten gaga label. Here goes . . .

There you go, I'm driving traffic to your blog. Maybe I'll get some blowback . . . positive blowback for my blogs.

And, people, in case you don't know, Angelo is "the Saipan Blogger." At least he says so. Says he has been so "ever since." He's on MySpace too.

Now then, there's the Saipan Blog, not to be confused with Angelo. That's Ed Stephen's compilation of columns for the Saipan Tribune. See, Ed beat Angelo to the domain name That's okay, tho', somebody (okay, Walt Goodridge of Side Orders and PassionProfit and Saipanpreneur and others) got domain for Angelo. These guys are the We Love Saipan Network.

Well, Angelo says Ed Stephen's blog is "Four Ex-pats bitch about Life in Paradise", but actually Ed is a pretty good writer -- sometimes informative, sometimes funny, sometimes off the wall, sometimes something else. Talking about Ed makes me think of somebody else that's been writing about Saipan for longer than most and was one of the first to make her columns available on the Net: Ruth Tighe with "On My Mind . . ."